The thing called Love

Love such a great word and great feeling. Every people in the world have it. No matter how small and tall you are you do have it. People are made to love and to be loved. There are miss understandings out of certain things which are out from your control. But what matters most at the end of the day you have given love into your most utmost way. It is great feeling once you have given so much of love to everyone. Love creates so much in you as a person. Because of love you stay strong, you remain faithful, and you continue to live. Despite from all the struggles that you have been through if you place love into it then everything comes into a very lighter way. There are hopes and new beginnings of love, it always forgives and sometimes don’t forget but the important is love can change everything.

Love is the reason why two people engage into an intimate act that leads to sex. You cannot appreciate the value of sex into your life once you don’t feel love to the person that you have an encounter with. It marks a big difference once you have sex to one’s you love the most. Everything will be more exciting and fun. There could always be a lot of enjoyment once you are filled with so much of love. As a couple you will become stronger as you can see the fruits of your love to each other. They become your world as you will have your family. Every decision you will make depends on them. The love of two becomes more and filled with so much joy and laughter. A date of forever has come to open at the start of married life up to making a family. Make the best of it and you will be rewarded more than you wish to have.